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To fully remove an app from macOS is actually more complicated than you think. Using our recommended tool - App Uninstaller by AppUninstaller.com can effectively resolve your removal demands. Watch the below demo video to see how it work on removing Mac apps completely and automatically.

  • Effective, safe, breezy removal
  • Suitable for users of all ages
  • Easy-to-understand steps
  • Small-sized
  • Good at delivering desired results

How-to Guides and News

how to uninstall Fortnite for Mac - osx uninstaller (3)

Follow the Right Way to Remove Fortnite on Mac

  • Jul 31,2019
  • admin

Get stuck in the uninstallation of Fortnite? Have no idea how to remove all its components from your Mac? Since you have come to this page, you must be looking for the [...]

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iCloud for Windows available on Microsoft Store

  • Jul 03,2019
  • admin

Recently Apple and Microsoft together announced the release of iCloud application for Windows platform. Now the new iCloud for Windows is available on Microsoft Store. iCloud [...]

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how to remove SoundFlower on Mac - osx uninstaller (1)

How to Properly Uninstall SoundFlower on Mac

  • Jun 19,2019
  • admin

Thinking about the correct way to uninstall SoundFlower? As a open source kernel extension for macOS platform, SoundFlower does not exist in the default /Applications folder, [...]

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