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To fully remove an app from Mac OS X system is actually more complicated than you think. Using our recommended tool - Osx Uninstaller can effectively simplify all your removal demands. Watch the below demon video to check out how it work on removing Mac apps completely and automatically.

  • Effective, safe, breezy removal
  • Suitable for users of all ages
  • Easy-to-understand steps
  • Small-sized
  • Good at delivering desired results

How-to Guides and News


Vectornator 2.4 update rolls out for iOS users

  • Apr 24,2019
  • admin

Vectornator is known as a professional vector graphic design software for iOS. On April 13 the team behind this software announced a big update to Vectornator, which is still [...]

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Correct Steps to Uninstall TotalFinder & Remove Leftovers

  • Apr 10,2019
  • admin

Have tried to install TotalFinder on your Mac but get interrupted by system warning? How to remove TotalFinder when it won’t launch properly? How to clear up the files created [...]

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How to Subscribe to Apple News+ on Your iOS device

  • Apr 03,2019
  • admin

Apple recently announced a new Apple New+ subscription service in its March media event. As a part of the News app, it offers subscribers access to over 300 magazines, [...]

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