How to transfer files between Android and Mac

transfer files between Android and Mac

If you are using a cellphone with Android system and a Mackintosh computer, do you think it is always different to share some files between these two devices? Are you looking for an easy way to transfer files between the Android and your Mac? There are some available ways here may be helpful for you.

With the cellphone being used frequently in nowadays, people often need to copy some files from the phone to the computer. On Windows system, people can easily transfer the file from Android to computer via directly plugging in the Android phone, but when it turns to a Mac, it will be totally different and also difficult for the people to transfer file. If you are being troubled by this problem, just refer to the following instructions and learn the way to transfer files between your Android cellphone and Mac.

How-to guides to transfer files between Android and Mac

Transfer with AirDroid

AirDroid is a free-to-use app that allows users to transfer between Android and Mac from its web site, the web server replace the USB cable to help you transfer the file without plugging your phone to the Mac computer.

  • Open the web browser on your Mac, and go to
  • Open the app on your Android phone, and tap the QR code icon
  • Go to point your device at the QR code, and then find out/ detect the code on your phone, and SIGN IN
  • Once connected, select Files via the web client to get the files from your Android phone

Apply a third party transfer file

There are now many transfer file managers available online, which enable people to transfer files between different devices, some of them are totally for free, and some others may need you pay. You can choose some reputable transfer tools online and choose the best one you think for a try. They are usually feasible for transferring file between your Android cellphone and Mac.

Other ways to transfer file

Besides what we have introduced above, some other ways like using FTP and DroidNAS also working for transferring the file for you. So, hope these ways can really help you transfer the file you want successfully between these two devices.


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