Note! Your Mac’s Camera Can Be Hacked

Mac's Camera Can Be Hacked

In nowadays, Mackintosh computer is consider to be the advanced and safer operating system while comparing other OS such as Windows, it seems like the risk of being attacked by virus has been greatly reduced on the computer, but there are still some security issues you should also pay attention, and among which protecting your camera from being hacked is a very important one.

As a big advantage of Mac computer, the security protection has been prevent the machine from being infected by many malicious viruses and malware, even though, Mac users should never neglect the security problem on the computer. And recently, it has been proved that the Mac’s camera can be hacked and accessed without your consent. So you should brace up and take measures to protect your camera.

  • Measure 1: develop a good habit when surfing online
  • Measure 2: cover the camera when you don’t use it
  • Measure 3: install a good antivirus program on your Mac, and open the real-time protection.
  • Measure 4: keep up-to-date for the security apps on the computer.


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