Amazon Adds AR View Feature in Its iOS App


Amazon today introduces a new feature called AR View to its iOS app, for the holiday shopping season. Based on Apple’s ARKit framework, this new feature allows customers to visualize online product in their living space by using the iOS devices’ cameras. The newly updated Amazon app for iOS provides thousands of home and office products which users can view in augmented reality prior to the shopping.

The AR View feature is integrated into the Amazon app which can be download free in the App Store on your iOS device. To activate AR View, you need to launch the Amazon app, tap the camera icon and choose AR View. Then you can choose from thousands of items sold on Amazon, and place them virtually around your space. When considering to buy some furniture or electronics, you can use this functionality to help you make better decisions. Within the app you can view the virtual product from different angle and change colors to know if it matches your home decoration.

Apple’s ARKit framework allows third party developers to more easily add AR functionality to iOS apps. Amazon and IKEA takes advantage of ARKit to roll out the AR shopping feature on their apps. Previously Amazon has applied AR technology in its app, but it is more like the form of AR stickers that customers can only view a limited product set and in a cartoonish way. Now the products list has expanded to include home furniture, toys, Echo products, kitchen electronics, decor, and more.

To try the AV View feature in Amazon app, you’ll need a iPhone 6s (or later) running on iOS 11, and by far it is limited to customers in the United States.

Check out how AV View works in Amazon’s introduction video below.

With the growing trend of AR visualization, more and more companies are trying to bring the AR experience to their customers. We can have more expectations about it.


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