Apple Invites Developers to Join Apple Arcade


Apple officially debuted its Apple Arcade game subscription service in March, and promised to launch later this year. Now the company is trying to lure potential developers to take part in its subscription service. Since the march, apple has sent out promotional invitations to developers in various forms, and now game developers are starting to receive email invitations from Apple. Here is the email content:

“In March, we introduced Apple Arcade, the world’s first game subscription service for mobile, desktop, and the living room. We’re working closely with some of the most innovative game developers in the world to bring their games to life in Apple Arcade. If you’re working on a groundbreaking unreleased game and would like ti to be considered for Apple Arcade, we’d love to hear from you.”

This is the first time that Apple has invited developers to join Apple Arcade via email. It’s worth noting that games offered through Apple Arcade will not be available outside of the subscription service. Apple specifically reminds the developers that only unreleased games can be included in Apple Arcade. Through the Apple Arcade, developers will be paid based on how long users play the game, and Apple will also provide developers with upfront funding for the development of Apple Arcade games.

Apple Arcade will be launched in this fall in more than 150 countries and regions around the world, and it will appear as a new tab in the App Store, which is available on iOS, macOS and tvOS. Apple promises that subscribers will have the access to fully experience each game in Apple Arcade, including all the game features, content and updates, and that means they won’t have to pay extra money for the content in Apple Arcade.


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