Cannot Fully Uninstall Foxit Reader from Mac? Get Help Here

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“Foxit Reader is a tool developed by Foxit Corporation that allows users to view, annotate and print PDF files, and it is available to download from the Mac App Store.”

Have problems in using Foxit Reader? Desire to uninstall Foxit Reader and switch to another PDF reader software?| Fail to remove some of its components from your system after performing a standard uninstall? This page will show you the right way.

To ensure a clean, complete removal of Foxit Reader, please follow the steps below.

1.Check if Foxit Reader is running on your system

If so, right click on its icon in Dock and choose Quit, or head to the Foxit Reader menu and choose Quit Foxit Reader. Otherwise, you will be prompted when trying to uninstall it from the Applications folder that the app cannot be deleted as it is in use.

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2. Delete Foxit Reader from Applications folder and Trash

  • Open up Finder, and access to Applications folder from sidebar or the Go menu
  • Select Foxit Reader, right click on its icon and choose Move to Trash
  • When prompted, enter your admin password and hit OK button to allow the change

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  • Click the Finder menu in the top bar, and choose Empty Trash from the drop-down menu. Alternatively, right click on Trash icon in Dock and choose Empty Trash
  •  Click Empty Trash button in the pop-up dialog to execute the uninstall

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Note that if there are other files and folders in the Trash, you’d better head to the Trash folder and delete Foxit Reader individually, without affecting other items inside. To do so, open up Trash, right click on Foxit Reader again, and choose Delete Permanently. Then click Delete button in the pop-up dialog to make the deletion take effect. The act is irrevocable so make sure you don’t mistakenly delete other things.

Alternative options: Delete Foxit Reader in Launchpad

As we mentioned before, Foxit Reader offers the Mac App Store version as well. So if you’ve installed Foxit Reader through the App Store, you can uninstall it like that:

  • Open up Launchpad in Dock, through Spotlight or by gesture shortcut
  • Type Foxit Reader in the search box, and hold on Foxit Reader icon until it begins to wiggle (alternatively, press and hold the Alt/Option key until all apps start to jiggle)
  • Click X that appears in the app icon, and click Delete in the pop-up window

Once you click the Delete button, Foxit Reader will be permanently removed from your Mac. If you want to re-use it. you can re-install Foxit Reader from App Store.

3.Remove Foxit Reader components in Library folder

Wondering if there is any Foxit Reader-related item that still remain on the system after you have deleted this app from your Mac? You can find out by doing these steps:

  • Open the Finder, head to the Go menu in Menu Bar, and choose Go to Folder
  • Type ~/Library in the box that appears, and hit Enter key to open up the folder
  • Type Foxit in the search bar, and click Library below to display the search result

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Typically, here are the common locations that may store Foxit Reader components:


how to uninstall Foxit Reader for mac (13)

Besides, some apps may even create files in the home /Library folder. To check if Foxit Reader leaves any trace there, repeat the aforementioned steps in /Library.

So, that’s how you can delete Foxit Reader for Mac. Afraid not being able to detect all Foxit Reader components? Why not try the automated solution shown below?

Recommended way: Remove Foxit Reader with Osx Uninstaller

Osx Uninstaller is a lightweight but powerful tool that could help you clear out all traces of target app from your Mac. If you value your time or get stuck in any uninstall issue, try Osx Uninstall for once and you will love the convenience it brings. Video demonstration can be found here.

With Osx Uninstaller in hand, you will only need to take three simple steps:

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Step 1. Launch Osx Uninstaller, select Foxit Reader and click Run Analysis button
Step 2. Click Complete Uninstall, and then click Yes to execute the uninstall
Step 3. Click on Back to Interface button to re-scan currently installed apps

How to get Osx Uninstaller for your Mac? Visit the homepage to download the installation file now. And note that it is a paid software which requires a valid license.


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