How to Convert Document Format from Keynote to PowerPoint


“Keynote is Apple’s presentation software app available for both macOS and iOS”

There may be times when you are creating a Keynote document on a Mac but need to present on a Windows PC, or when you are sharing it with others who may use different software from you. So how to handle this case? Here’s the solution: you can export the .key presentation file to save a copy of it in another format like PDF, PowerPoint, QuickTime, HTML, or images. In this post we will illustrate you how to export a Keynote document to PowerPoint on both Macs and iOS devices.

1. How to save a Keynote document as PowerPoint format on Mac:


  • Create a new presentation or open an existing one in Keynote on your Mac.
  • Head to the File menu on the top bar, and choose Export To > PowerPoint.
  • As the Export Your Presentation window pops up, under the PowerPoint tab you can tick the checkbox “Require password to open” to set up a password for the exported file, or choose the format you want to export between .pptx or .ppt. Then click Next.
  • Type in a name for the file in the Save As field, select the location where you want to save the file, then type some tags if you wish, and click Save button to finish.

Note that some fonts or animations may not be exported properly from the original file. And if the original file has a password, its PDF, PowerPoint, or Keynote’09 copies also carry the same password. You can choose to export without password protection, keep the original password, or assign a different password to the copy.

If you want to save the Keynote document as other formats, just choose Export To > [file format] from the File menu, and complete the settings as you like. For instance, exporting to PDF/Images allows you to decide the quality of the exported file/images.

2. How to save a Keynote document as PowerPoint on iPhone/iPad:


  • Open the keynote presentation file on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Tap the ellipsis icon (…) in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Tap Export and then choose PowerPoint. The exported format is .pptx by default.
  • Select the way you want to share the copy through in the pop-up card. For instance, you can tap Message or Mail to send it to others by iMessage or email.

3. How to save a Keynote document as PowerPoint on

If you need to open up a Keynote file, but don’t have a Mac or iPhone at hand to make the conversion, you can utilize the iCloud online service to edit the Keynote on a Windows PC. The online portal includes web versions of Pages, Numbers and Keynote, and you are required to sign in with your iCloud account to use the app.


  • Visit the site, and log into iCloud with your Apple ID.
  • Select the Keynote icon from all available services.
  • Click the gear icon (Settings) at the top of the page, choose Upload Presentation in the drop-down menu, then navigate to the .key file, and click Open.
  • Now you can edit the presentation, or save it as a copy of PowerPoint format. To do so, click the wrench icon in the upper right corner, and choose Download a Copy.
  • Choose PowerPoint in the pop-up window to create the copy on your device.

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