How to view and Restore Recently Closed Tabs in Safari on Mac

Restore Recently Closed Tabs in Safari

Have you ever encountered a tab on Safari to be closed by yourself mistakenly? Or the whole Safari is closed by accident and all of websites you are visiting are very important for you? Don’t worry, there are some effective and easy methods allow you to restore the lastly closed tabs, and view the Closed Tabs in Safari.

How to restore the lastly closed tabs:

  • Launch Safari, and move the cursor to the menu on top
  • Click on History, and select “Reopen Last Closed Window” from the menu

If you had quit Safari and want to restart it with all of the tabs:

Some people might close the whole web browser by mistakes and need to reopened Safari and open all the tabs from the Last Session, and you can take this way to restore them:

  • Open Safari again, click to open History menu
  • Select “Reopen All Windows from Last Session”

How to view a list of recently closed tabs

  • Launch Safari and find new tab button “+” on the right side
  • Generally, clicking this button will create a new tab, but you can choose to right-click on it or click and hold it alternatively, and then you will see a a drop-down list which display the recently closed tabs.


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