Tricks to Uninstall MacX YouTube Downloader

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There are many apps that allow you to download YouTube videos on your Mac, such as the free MacX YouTube Downloader, YouTube Downloader Pro, YTD Video Downloader, etc. You may take time to figure out which one meed your demands most. Therefore you need to uninstall a mismatched app and turn to another option.

Some questions:
What is the proper way to uninstall an unwanted app from your Mac? Why MacX YouTube Downloader cannot be deleted from the Applications folder? How to get rid of all components of MacX YouTube Downloader? Is there a hassle-free and effective solution to help remove all traces created by the unwanted app on my computer?…

To troubleshoot the problems you run into when trying to uninstall MacX YouTube Downloader, we list some tricks that you may neglect during the app uninstallation.

1.Shut down MacX YouTube Downloader before you start the uninstallation

Why some users fail to remove MacX YouTube Downloader from the Applications folder? If you are prompted that MacX YouTube Downloader cannot be trashed because it is in use, you should head to deactivate the app and all related processes.

  • Right click on MacX YouTube Downloader icon in Dock and choose Quit
  • Launch Activity Monitor, and find out if there is any process pertaining to this app

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If MacX YouTube Downloader stops responding or cannot be quit for unknown reason, select it in the Activity Monitor, and choose (Force) Quit to kill this app.

2. Delete MacX YouTube Downloader from both Applications folder and Trash

After killing the app, follow the steps below to uninstall MacX YouTube Downloader:

  • Open up Finder from the Dock, and access to the Applications folder from sidebar
  • Locate Macx YouTube Downloader, drag its icon and drop into the Trash in Dock
  • Open up Trash from the Dock, right click on Macx YouTube Downloader, choose Delete Immediately, and then click Delete button in the pop-up window

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Deleting MacX YouTube Downloader individually in Trash is to avoid the risk of deleting other items you have thrown into the Trash. Alternatively, you can choose Empty Trash from the Finder menu in the top bar after throwing the app into Trash.

3.Remove MacX YouTube Downloader files in ~/Library and /Library folders

Is the uninstallation finished yet? Some users may think it is over. But for those who would like to ensure a clean uninstall, there are extra woks that needs to be done.

  • In a Finder window, click Go menu from the top bar and choose Go to Folder
  • Type ~Library in the box, and hit Go button, to access to the hidden system folder
  • As the Library folder opens, type MacX YouTube Downloader in the search box
  • Select the files and folder related to MacX YouTube Downloader, and delete them all to the Trash. If there is no result, try to type the vendor’s name (Digiarty) instead
  • Repeat the steps to delete any associated component in the /Library folder

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After doing all those manual steps, you can say you have tried the best to clear up MacX YouTube Downloader from your Mac. If you are looking for a better way to accomplish the task, continue reading to know how to remove apps without hassle.

4. Exploit a high-efficiency removal tool to avoid unnecessary troubles and risks

To help those who have troubles in uninstalling MacX YouTube Downloader or any other apps on Mac, we would like to introduce a handy, processional tool – Osx Uninstaller. How does this app help you save time and energy in the removal task? With it in hand, you can go through the whole removal process by taking a few clicks.

  • Launch Osx Uninstaller after you install this app to Mac and complete the activation
  • Select MacX YouTube Downloader in the interface, and click Run Analysis button

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  • Click the Complete Uninstall button in step 2, and then choose the Yes button
  • After the removal is complete, click Back to Interface button to re-scan your Mac

how to uninstall MacX YouTube Downloader - osx uninstaller (2)

You will surprisingly find that MacX YouTube Downloader has entirely disappeared from Osx Uninstaller interface and also from your system. Easy to complete, right?

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