Can’t Uninstall UnRarX on Your Mac? Find Solutions Here

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Searching for the correct way to remove UnRarX for Mac? How can you fully delete all its traces from your system? As an unarchiving app, UnRarX allows Mac users to expanding .rar archive files. Once installed, this app will appear in the /Applications folder in Finder. Uninstalling UnRarX requires more than deleting it from this folder.

Here are two problems users encounter when trying to uninstall UnRarX for Mac:

1. UnRarX cannot be deleted to the Trash because it is in use;
2. UnRarX-related files and folders remain in the system directories

To troubleshoot those issues, follow the steps below to perform a clean uninstall.

Manual Steps to Uninstall UnRarX for Mac

First of all, go through the conventional procedure to uninstall UnRarX the app itself.

Part 1: uninstall UnRarX in Finder

  • Quit UnRarX by right-clicking the UnRarX icon in Dock and choosing Quit

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  • Open up Finder, and head to the Applications folder from the Go menu on the top
  • Right click on UnRarX in the Applications folder and choose Move to Trash ( alternatively, you can drag UnRarX icon and drop it into the Trash in Dock)

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  • Click Finder > Empty Trash from the top menu bar, and choose Empty Trash button in the confirmation window that pops up ( or instead, head to the Trash, right click on UnRarX, choose Delete Permanently, and click Delete button in the dialog)

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Secondly, do some extra work to entirely sweep out UnRarX vestiges in your system.

Part 2: remove UnRarX leftovers

Some beginners may not know the fact that, most apps will create additional files outside the app package, like preferences, caches, or supporting plugins. Those app-related files and folder will not automatically disappear after the standard removal. To uninstall UnRarX completely, complete the procedure below step by step.

  • In an active Finder window, choose Go > Go to Folder from the menu bar
  • Type ~/Library in the box, and hit Enter key to access to the hidden folder


  • Type UnRarX (or Panic) in the search bar in the upper right corner
  • Click Library under the search box to display the search result in this folder
  • Identify the items that contain the keyword in the search result, then control-select all related items, right click on any of them, and choose Move to Trash to delete them

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  • Repeat the steps to delete UnRarX remnants in the Library folder if any exists

Warning: We do not recommend inexperienced users to delete app vestiges in the hidden system folders, because any mistake made in this process affect the stability of system or other apps. If you are not sure whether the suspicious items belong to UnRarX, don’t rush to delete them to the Trash. Put associated items into another folder, like Desktop, and use your Mac as usual for a couple days. If nothing wrong occurs, you could consider to delete the items and empty the Trash with caution.

A Quick & Safe Way to Uninstall UnRarX

Wondering if you could get rid of all components of a target app in simple clicks? A professional removal tool, like Osx Uninstaller, is what you should look for. Featured with user-friendly interface and highly optimized engine, Osx Uninstaller enables you to accomplish a thorough removal of unwanted apps, without any app trace left.

Here are how you can totally uninstall UnRarX by using reputable Osx Uninstaller:

  • Open up Osx Uninstaller from the Launchpad, or Applications folder in Finder
  • Select UnRarX in the interface, and click Run Analysis button to start the scanning

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  • Click Complete Uninstall button and then Yes button to execute the uninstall
  • Click the Back to Interface button to re-scan your Mac for currently installed apps

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Normally, UnRarX will disappear from the Osx Uninstaller interface as well as in your macOS system. The whole procedure is fast in response and perfect in result. Compared with the manual method discussed above, utilizing Osx Uninstaller is undoubtedly more time-saving and high efficient. But please note that, Osx Uninstaller requires a valid license to complete the activation and remove Mac apps. The vendor promises that if Osx Uninstaller fails to remove apps on your mac, or if you are not satisfied with this product, you can request a refund within the period of validity.

Is your uninstall issue solved now? Which solution do you use to uninstall UnRarX?


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