Removal Tutorial: Uninstall Xbox 360 Controllers Driver on Mac

uninstall box 360 Controllers on mac

Have problems when using Xbox 360 Controllers on your Mac? Xbox 360 Controllers app stops working for unknown reasons? In some cases re-installing this driver could help fix the issues. But how to correctly uninstall Xbox 360 Controllers?

Unlike other categories of third party apps, Xbox 360 Controllers does not install itself in the default /Applications folder. To get rid of this app and all components it creates on your system, you will go through three stages: (1) disconnect your Xbox game controller if it is plugged into your Mac, (2) remove Xbox 360 Controllers from the System Preferences pane, and (3) delete Xbox 360 Controllers-related items. Here we list the detailed steps to guide you through the second and third stages.

  • Head to the Apple menu in the upper left corner of the screen
  • Click on System Preferences from the drop-down menu

uninstall box 360 Controllers on mac

  • Locate Xbox 360 Controllers in the button of System Preferences pane, right click on the icon, and choose “Remove ‘Xbox 360 Controller’ Preferences Pane”
  • Enter your current admin password in the pop-up window, and click OK

uninstall box 360 Controllers on mac

  • Click Finder icon in Dock to open up a Finder window
  • Head to Go menu in the top bar, and choose Go to Folder

uninstall box 360 Controllers on mac

  • Type ~/Library in the box, and click Go button to open up this folder
  • Click Search in the upper right corner of the window, type Xbox in the search box
  • Click Library next to Search: This Mac to specify the folder again
  • In the search result, control-click the items whose names contain “xbox-controller” to select matched ones, then right click on any of them, and choose Move to Trash

uninstall box 360 Controllers on mac

You will find the Xbox 360 Controllers components in the hidden /Library/Preference Panes, /Library/Startup Items, and /System/Library/Extensions folders. Meanwhile, you can use other keywords like 360 or Controller to locate the associated files.

After the deletion, restart your Mac and keep using it for a few days, to see if any problem occurs. If everything goes fine, you can empty the Trash to permanently get rid of Xbox 360 Controllers. If problems arise, check the Trash to see if you have mistakenly deleted any file pertaining to other apps or created by macOS system. Restoring those unrelated files back to the original location helps resolve the problems.

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