Vectornator 2.4 update rolls out for iOS users


Vectornator is known as a professional vector graphic design software for iOS. On April 13 the team behind this software announced a big update to Vectornator, which is still free for current and new users. The Pro version has been made totally free in the middle of last year, and all its advanced features are open to iOS users.

The new features introduced in this graphic design app include:

  • Live Corner Radius
    – take control of the shapes you create with the ability to modify corners.
  • Node Types
    – change the node type in the inspector directly without having to use gestures.
  • Document Browser
    – a redesigned browser that will make Vectornator experience even smoother, which allows you to simply swipe left or right to browse documents and Vectornator news.
  • Stacks in Stacks
    – you can place Stacks in Stacks and organize your designs the way you desire.
  • SonarPen
    – the integration for the support of the SonarPen allows you to use tools you desire.

Other improvements include a redesigned inspector, new future proof file format, and more efficient memory management. The 2.4 update also fix three issues:

  1. Figma import works more reliably
  2. Various crashes are a thing of the past
  3. Improved importing from Bamboo Slate and Folio

Besides, a good news for graphic designers who own Mac computer is that, the Mac version of Vectornator will be released later this year (source: 9to5Mac). The vendor also promises to provide real-time collaboration feature by the end of the year.

To download and install the latest version, you can open App Store in your iOS device and search for Vectornator. Are you ready to get Vectornator on your iPhone or iPad?


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