VMware Fusion 10 for Mac Coming in October

VMware Fusion 10 for Mac will be Coming in October

VMware Fusion is one of the most popular visualization software that allows Intel-based Macs to run operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, NetWare, or Solaris on virtual machines.

On Tuesday VMware announced that VMware Fusion 10 and Fusion 10 Pro for Mac will be coming in October. VMware Fusion 10 is fully compatible with the upcoming macOS High Sierra and supports for Touch Bar on the latest MacBook Pro models.

The upcoming Fusion 10 has an updated user interface, with improved New VM and our Migrate Your PC wizards. It virtual hardware platform supports not only for the new macOS as well as a host of new Sphere platform features, but also for Apple’s latest Metal Graphics acceleration technology, which “gives our virtual GPU engine a noticeable boost in performance, battery/power efficiency and accuracy of rendering”. Large apps which have a high demand for system resources and rendering effects, such as AutoCAD, can benefit from this enhanced feature in VMware Fusion 10.

Fusion 10 is able to run various operating systems ranging from the latest Windows 10 versions (including the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update expected to launch in October) to less-known Linux distributions. It will be accompanied by Workstation 14 Player and Workstation 14 Pro with enhanced data center management capabilities.

As for Fusion 10 Pro, it integrates with VMware PhotonOS, adds new vSphere controls and supports for REST APIs, seamless integration with Windows and Linux applications as well as Microsoft’s new virtualization-based security features. The premium version of VMware Fusion is designed for IT professionals and developers.

VMware Fusion 10 and Fusion 10 Pro will be available in October for $79 and $159 respectively. If you have paid for Fusion 8.5, you will be able to upgrade to Fusion 10 for $49 or Fusion 10 Pro for $119. If you are willing to purchase Fusion 8.5 or Fusion 8.5 Pro between August 22 and November 1 this year, you will be eligible to upgrade to Fusion 10 or Fusion 10 Pro respectively, with no need to pay extra cost.

Meanwhile, Parallels also announced the release of its new version of virtualization product, i.e. Parallels Desktop 13 for Mac. Parallels Desktop 13 brings numerous new features including support for macOS High Sierra, Touch Bar and the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, and introduces the additional integration for the Windows Start Menu and Desktop including Cortana, Task View, and Taskbar pinned elements.

VMware Fusion 10 is targeted at personal use. If you are using the latest MacBook Pro models, you will be able to run Fusion 10 in macOS High Sierra and use the Touch Bar for accessing commonly-used controls in virtual machines in this October.


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