WPS Office Now Available on Mac App Store


As a small and compatible Office suite, WPS Office has been regarded by many users as the free alternative to Microsoft Office. The iOS version has been rolled out for a few years, and it is fully compatible with Microsoft Office® and Google Docs. Now the official Mac version has been made available and can be download in App Store!

The official WPS Office for Mac is well compatible with Apple’s iWork suite and Microsoft Office. The basic features of the product claims to be permanently free.

Both iWork and Microsoft Office contain different apps which runs independently. Yet, WPS Office for Mac combines three words, spreadsheet and presentations processing software into an integrated WPS Office, and it supports many document formats, including doc, rtf, html, xls, pptx, pdf, etc. Users can control-select multiple documents with different formats, right click on any of them, and choose Open > Open with WPS Office for Mac, thus to open up those documents at once in one app.

This could be a big advantage that brings much convenience, as you could make the switch between the menu bar in WPS Office, rather than between different apps.

WPS Office for Mac introduces a plugin to transfer PDF into Word. It will run as an independent window and you can drag any PDF file into the window to make the conversion. The pictures in the PDF file will be converted and lined up on one side of the document. But to use this advanced feature, you need to make the subscription.

WPS Office provide cloud service to meed the real-time work requirements. Once you enable this function, any change you make on the editing document will be synced to the cloud, and you can access it in any compatible device or from the cloud.

It is worth mentioning that WPS Office for Mac also supports the Handoff function on iOS and macOS devices, which can quickly operate the Shared clipboard and seamlessly connect the editing and modification of documents on various platforms. WPS Office users can enjoy the great convenience brought by the apple ecosystem.

Wanna try WPS Office on your Mac? Launch App Store to get the software now.


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